Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garter your socks because imma knock em' off...

     Hey subscribers, (well just me for right now). I'm Captain Fabulous, a completely straight, 69 year old, orthodox jewish drag queen. I felt the need to start a blog and visually molest you with witticism, but as it stands besides having just masturbated to Scott Pilgrim at the Regal Theatre this evening to wrap up a day of vomit and a pathetically sewn muslin blouse I have nothing of great consequence to write.
     This though, has never stopped me before. I'm blogging to you from the sad and botoxed countess Wes's apartment watching Robot Chicken, smoking hookah and pretending to have a fulfilling life. This bitch refused to follow my blog without anything to read (details...).
    Please follow me and I just might repay you with dirty sexual favors.

Stay mediocre,